Doug / 05-05-2009 / Airplane Accidents

NHTSA to Require Stronger Vehicle Rooftops

As part of their comprehensive plan to reduce the number of fatalities in auto accident rollovers, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has passed tough new standards for the roof tops of light weight vehicles(under 6,000) and for the first time, also heavy-weight vehicles (over 6,000).

American automobile passengers and drivers might have to wait a few years, but beginning in 2012 some new vehicles will be required to have the stronger rooftops.  The phase in will be complete by 2017.

The new standards will require the vehicle roof on light vehicles to be able to support 3 times its wait in the event the vehicle lands on its roof.  The current standard is only 1.5 times its weight.  Heavy vehicles have had not strength requirement and they will now need to support 1.5 times their weight.

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