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Jet Ski Accidents in Florida: How a Lawyer Holds the Negligent Party Liable

The thrill of riding a jet ski across Florida’s beautiful waterways is an experience many individuals cherish. While getting hurt is often the last thing on someone’s mind as they board a jet ski or other personal watercraft to have fun with their friends and family, an accident can occur at any time. Unfortunately, the aftermath can be emotionally and legally overwhelming. Fortunately, a skilled attorney can help you hold the negligent party liable for your losses by investigating your accident, gathering evidence, and building a solid personal injury claim on your behalf. 

If you have been injured in a jet ski accident, the highly-qualified attorneys at Wooten, Kimbrough, Damaso & Dennis are here to help. We have over a century of combined experience helping jet ski accident victims like you recover the maximum compensation available for their injuries and other losses. Our attorneys are well-versed in Florida’s complex personal injury laws and will fight aggressively for the justice you deserve. 


How a Lawyer Can Prove Liability in a Jet Ski Accident Claim

When one of our skilled attorneys takes your case, we will work tirelessly to prove the negligent party’s liability for your damages. Some of the many steps we will take to build a strong claim on your behalf include the following:

  • Thoroughly investigating the scene of your accident
  • Gathering evidence and witness testimonies
  • Determining the responsible party
  • Establishing your damages
  • Filing your claim correctly and on time
  • Negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf
  • Preparing your case for trial

By taking these steps, among others, we will work to build a claim that establishes the jet ski operator, rental facility, or other defendant acted negligently and caused your injuries. To successfully pursue damages for your injuries, your claim must include the following elements:

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care
  • The defendant breached this duty by acting negligently
  • This breach of duty caused your jet ski accident
  • You suffered losses as a result 

At Wooten, Kimbrough, Damaso & Dennis, our attorneys understand no two jet ski or personal watercraft accidents are exactly alike. We are committed to personalizing our approach to every case to help ensure your unique needs are heard and addressed. 


Possible Liable Parties in a Jet Ski Accident Case

Jet ski accidents can be complex, and several parties may be responsible for your injuries. A few possible liable parties include the following:

  • The jet ski operator
  • The jet ski owner
  • The rental facility
  • The event organizer or tour guide company
  • Bars or other establishments that serve alcoholic beverages
  • Other jet ski passengers
  • Other boat drivers

In many jet ski accident claims, it is common for more than one party to be at fault for an accident. Under Florida’s modified comparative negligence rule, you may pursue compensation from each liable party relative to their percentage of fault as long as you are less than 50% responsible for your injuries and other losses. Our attorneys will analyze every detail of your case to establish liability and work to hold each negligent party fully accountable for the harm they have caused. 


Consult an Experienced Jet Ski Accident Attorney at Wooten, Kimbrough, Damaso & Dennis

After suffering injuries in a jet ski accident, having a seasoned attorney in your corner is vital. At Wooten, Kimbrough, Damaso & Dennis, our attorneys have a wealth of experience navigating Florida’s legal system and achieving favorable outcomes on our client’s behalf. We understand how challenging recovering from severe injuries can be and will handle every detail of your claim so you can focus your energy on your healing and recovery.

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Disclaimer: All verdicts and settlements listed here are gross amounts before deductions for attorney fees and costs. Past results do not guarantee similar results in the future. Most cases result in a lower recovery. It should not be assumed that your case will have as beneficial a result. Before choosing a lawyer, ask for written information about the lawyer's legal qualifications and experience.