Doug / 01-16-2012 / Boat Accidents

Are Personal Watercrafts More Dangerous than Other Boats?

Before boating and swimming season starts up again in the spring, it is important to make sure you take all safety precautions before hitting the water with your friends and family. Thousands of people are out on the water in Florida every day on boats, and personal watercrafts (PWC) are becoming more popular each year. These Jet Skis, SeaDoos and WaveRunners are a lot of fun, but come with an assumed risk.

PWC’s are smaller, quicker and easier to navigate. Timothy C. Nies, contributor at, cites a University of Florida study that shows how PWC accidents can cause more serious injuries than other boats.

“Most PWC injuries are caused when an operator or passenger is thrown off the vessel at high speeds,” says Nies.

Remember to always read the owner’s manual before operating a PWC and enroll in a PWC safety course. Avoid crowded areas, especially before you are experienced. Always wear a lifejacket and keep the engine cut-off lanyard around your wrist.

Keep these tips in mind before you take off on a PWC. Have you or a loved one been injured in a boating accident?

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