What to Do After a Florida Electric Scooter Accident

Electric scooter

mmm / 04-16-2023 / E-Scooter Accidents

Many Floridians have seen electric scooters zipping about and strewn across the streets of Orlando and other Florida cities. While electric scooters provide a convenient method of transportation that can be fun for sightseeing, e-scooters introduce unique hazards to riders and others on the road. When operated or maintained improperly, e-scooters can cause severe accidents […]


Determining Liability for Central Florida E-Scooter Injuries


Michael Damaso / 07-02-2020 / E-Scooter Accidents

E-scooters are becoming increasingly popular on Orlando streets and sidewalks as more residents and those visiting the area are using them to get around town. Orlando’s ordinance allows each scooter company to send 200-400 scooters, with a total limit of 1,800 e-scooters in the city. Popular e-scooter companies such as Lime, offer access to their […]


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