Legal Steps You Can Take if Your Automotive Software Causes a Car Accident


Michael Damaso / 11-03-2022 / Uncategorized

No matter how safe or experienced a driver you may be, there are many different variables out of your control that can lead to a damaging car accident. One possible cause of a severe accident is the failure of automotive software. If you have been in a car accident as a result of your automotive […]


How Your Driving Record Can Affect Your Car Accident Claim in Florida


Michael Damaso / 05-10-2022 / Uncategorized

All drivers hold a responsibility to act reasonably safely when they get behind the wheel of their car. Not only does this help keep them safe, but it also protects the other drivers or pedestrians that may become hurt if they act negligently. An individual’s driving record is an important piece of information that often […]


How Truck Accident Reconstruction Can Help Your Claim


Michael Damaso / 04-05-2022 / Truck Accident

The moments immediately following a truck accident are crucial because this is when the most information is known about what happened. However, everyone involved is focused on making sure that any injuries are being addressed and getting out of the way of any oncoming traffic. When you work with an experienced Florida truck accident lawyer, […]


Safety a Concern at Universal’s Volcano Bay after 115 People Injured on Waterslide that Paralyzed Tourist


Michael Damaso / 07-30-2020 / Theme park accidents

At least 115 park guests have reported being injured on the popular water slide attraction, Punga Racers, at Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay, according to court documents recently released in an ongoing Orlando personal injury case against Universal. This information has come to light following a lawsuit filed by a park guest from New York who […]


Electrical Shock, Paralysis and Other Serious Injuries Reported at Popular Orlando Tourist Attraction, Volcano Bay

Volcano Bay

Michael Damaso / 03-03-2020 / Theme park accidents

Serious injuries have been recently reported at Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Theme Park, including electrical shock, paralysis, brain injuries and near drownings. A park guest reported being injured when she was visiting Volcano Bay on June 2, 2019. She said she was shocked due to the park’s electrical system malfunctioning that day and has filed […]


The Defective Tire Investigation: You May Be At Risk!

Doug / 05-15-2014 / Auto Accidents

The first sentence in the ABC News story should send chills to everyone who drives, “because of a badly flawed and archaic government recall system, millions of potentially dangerous recalled tires remain on the roads, on store shelves for sale, or simply unaccounted for.” In fact, the problem is so severe and the potential risk […]


Florida Teens Become Injured In Accidents

Doug / 06-23-2009 / Uncategorized

Two Tampa Bay teenage boys who were not licensed to operate their watercraft recently had a bad accident when their watercraft collided with stationary marine equipment. While this is one of the many examples of Florida teens that are hurt in car or boat accidents, the majority of accidents involving Florida teens occur in automobiles. […]


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