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How Tort Reform Causes the Problems it was Meant to Solve: The Texas Example

Doug / 09-05-2013 / Insurance Claim Disputes

Opponents of patients’ right praise Texas’ tort reform as a model for other state’s of success. In 2003 Texas medical liability reforms were enacted to reduce exodus of doctors from the state due to high medical liability insurance costs. In hopes of avoiding a reduction in the quality of health care in the state, caps […]


How Medical Expenses are Handled in the Trial of a Personal Injury Case

Doug / 06-25-2013 / Insurance Claim Disputes

This article is the first in a series on subjects you should know about regarding personal injury and wrongful death trials.  This particular article is to help explain how medical bills are handled in a civil jury trial for personal injuries. How medical expenses are handled in a personal injury case can be confusing. When […]


State Farm Accuses Doctor of Doctoring Medical Bills

Doug / 09-21-2012 / Auto Accidents

A Florida judge ruled that a Brevard County neurosurgeon must turn over his surgical records for an auto-injury lawsuit filed by the Morgan & Morgan law firm against State Farm Insurance. State Farm has accused Dr. Ara Deukmedijan and the law firm of inflating the medical costs in an insurance claim filed after a car […]


Failure to Wear Seat Belt Can Affect Your Ability to Recover Compensation

Doug / 05-25-2012 / Auto Accidents

The video above features NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya in a 2010 promotional spot for the annual “Click It or Ticket” campaign. We began discussing the campaign on Monday and discussed how it focuses on the threat of citations for unbuckled motorists to encourage seat belt use. While we also pointed out a number of […]


Fatal Construction Site Accidents in Florida

Doug / 02-17-2012 / Dangerous

Workplace injuries are one of the leading causes of injuries in Florida each year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workplace injuries declined 10% in 2010. Construction accidents are the most deadly type of workplace accident. Employers are required to maintain federal and state safety standards for their workers. Here are some facts about […]


What to Do With Your Vehicle after a Car Accident

Doug / 01-27-2012 / Car Accident

Immediately following a car accident, the first concern is the safety of everyone involved. After the dust settles, however, you may have questions concerning how you should get your car fixed and how to deal with the insurance companies. If you are not at fault in the accident, it is important to understand your options […]


Study Finds Low Rate of Medical Malpractice Claim Payouts

Doug / 09-30-2011 / Insurance Claim Disputes

According to the American Association for Justice, a study has found that less than a quarter of the claims that doctors filed with an insurer seeking coverage for medical malpractice liability resulted in payments to those alleging harm. The study published in the New England Journal of Medicine said the low rate of payments shows […]


Deadline for Florida Hospital and United Health Contract Negotiations Approaches

Doug / 07-23-2010 / Insurance Claim Disputes

The contract expiration date for one of Central Florida’s largest hospitals, Florida Hospital, and one its largest health carriers, United Healthcare,  is rapidly approaching.  According to the Orlando Sentinel, the two companies have been at the negotiating table since last November to no avail. Both entities have sent letters to United Healthcares’ insureds informing them of an August 15th expiration […]


Backyard Trampolines – Summer Fun or Huge Liability?

Doug / 06-15-2009 / Insurance Claim Disputes

As I take my daily walk, I see several trampolines in my neighbor’s yards.  It makes me wonder:  did they contact their insurance company before they bought it?  If not, do they know that they may have no liability coverage if the trampoline is forbidden under their homeowner’s insurance policy? According to – The insurance policies that […]


Insurance Providers to Testify on Using Credit Scores

Doug / 02-17-2009 / Insurance Claim Disputes

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation has scheduled a hearing to question insurance companies on their usage of credit scores when setting insurance premiums. Allstate, Geico, Nationwide, Progressive and State Farm Florida have all received subpoenas requesting that a representative attend the hearing.  The representative should be prepared to discuss how their company uses the […]


Florida’s Hurricane Deductibles Do Not Apply to Fay

Doug / 08-27-2008 / Insurance Claim Disputes

Tropical Storm Fay lingered on forever, but she never did make hurricane strength, for which we were very grateful.  And now we can be grateful for a different reason:  if your home sustained damage due to the storm, the hurricane deductible in your homeowner’s insurance policy does not apply. According to Florida law, your insurance company […]


Tropical Storm Fay Rapidly Approaches

Doug / 08-18-2008 / Insurance Claim Disputes

Tropical Storm Fay is bearing down on the State of Florida.  We can only hope that the insurance companies resolve property damage claims from Hurricane Fay much quicker this time than they did when Hurricane Charley came along the same path 2 years ago. Once  Fay passes, we certainly anticipate that there will be significantly less damage than after Hurricane Charley […]


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