Doug / 09-21-2012 / Auto Accidents

State Farm Accuses Doctor of Doctoring Medical Bills

A Florida judge ruled that a Brevard County neurosurgeon must turn over his surgical records for an auto-injury lawsuit filed by the Morgan & Morgan law firm against State Farm Insurance. State Farm has accused Dr. Ara Deukmedijan and the law firm of inflating the medical costs in an insurance claim filed after a car accident. State Farm intends to prove a pattern of Dr. Deukmedijan inflating costs for claims against insurance companies and a preset deal between the doctor and this particular law firm.

On September 4, U.S. Magistrate Judge Phillip R. Lammens ordered the doctor’s records be turned over for the trial. No criminal charges have been filed against Dr. Deukmedijan or Morgan & Morgan—as of yet.

State Farm alleges that the charges were excessive for the medical costs of the accident victim. One spinal surgery, which Deukmedijan typically performs in under an hour, was charged for $61,788.

State Farm claims that Dr. Deukmedijan overcharged for that procedure, but on what basis? Insurance fraud causes premiums to increase for consumers and makes it more difficult for victims to receive compensation for a legitimate claim, but what is the proof that this is a fraudulent claim? The patient still needs coverage in any case. Please visit our website for more information and contact our law firm for a free consultation if you or a loved one have been in an accident.

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