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5 Hazards on the Playground That Can Lead to Child Injuries

Playgrounds are fantastic places for children to play, exercise, and socialize with others. While many parents assume playgrounds are safe for their kids, an accident can still occur at any time. When a child suffers injuries in a playground accident, they may require extensive medical care, leaving families to contend with expensive medical bills. Fortunately, being aware of trip hazards, poor maintenance, and other common hazards can significantly reduce the likelihood of child injuries. 

If your child was injured on a Florida playground, an experienced child injury lawyer can help you pursue justice and recover compensation for your and your child’s losses. The seasoned attorneys at Wooten, Kimbrough, Damaso & Dennis have over a century of combined experience helping injury victims and their families hold negligent parties accountable for the harm they have caused. We understand how challenging navigating your child’s injury can be and will handle every aspect of your claim so you can devote 100% of your energy to your family.


Top 5 Hazards That Can Cause Playground Injuries

Playground injuries can range in severity from scraped knees to broken bones. However, considering potential hazards can help you exercise care and protect your children as they play. A few common hazards on Florida playgrounds include the following:

  • Faulty construction: Construction flaws such as exposed hardware, sharp corners, and flimsy barriers can all lead to injuries as children play.
  • Lack of space between equipment: Playground structures like swings and slides need plenty of space for children to enjoy them safely. When playground equipment is too close together, children can collide with playground equipment or each other.
  • Trip hazards: Playgrounds with gnarled tree roots, old tires, or overgrown plants can increase the risk of trip-and-fall injuries for kids. While many children walk away from a tripping accident unscathed, others may suffer chipped teeth or broken bones. 
  • Lack of protective surfacing: While surfaces like sand, wood chips, and rubber mats provide a protective surface for children in the event of a fall, other surfaces, such as gravel or concrete, are less safe and can contribute to injuries.
  • Poor maintenance: Debris and lack of equipment upkeep can lead to many hazards that can endanger children on the playground. If a playground looks like it is in disrepair, avoiding letting your kids play on it may be the safest option.

When you work with one of our skilled attorneys, we will thoroughly investigate your case to determine the cause of your child’s accident and the party responsible for their injuries. 


What Are My Legal Options if My Child Is Injured on a Florida Playground?

Playground injuries typically fall under premises liability or product liability laws. If the cause of your child’s accident was due to the playground owner’s negligence, you may have grounds to hold them accountable through a premises liability claim. On the other hand, if the cause of your child’s injury is an equipment design flaw or defect, the manufacturer may be liable for your child’s injuries. 

Determining the cause of your child’s accident and which type of claim applies to your case can be challenging, especially as you help your child heal and recover. Additionally, a government entity may be responsible if the playground is in a public park, introducing further legal complexity. If your child was injured in a Florida playground accident, the stakes are too high to leave your claim to chance. A trusted attorney from Wooten, Kimbrough, Damaso & Dennis can utilize their legal expertise and handle every aspect of your case to pursue the compensation you deserve. 


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