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How Are Motorcycle Accidents Investigated in Florida?

Riding a motorcycle is an exciting way to get from point A to point B while taking in Florida’s fresh air and picturesque scenery. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents can happen instantly and have significant lasting consequences on your daily life. If you have been involved in a motorcycle collision in Florida, it is essential to understand how your accident will be investigated to protect your rights and interests. 

At Wooten, Kimbrough, Damaso & Dennis, our attorneys have more than 100 years of combined experience helping motorcycle accident victims in Florida navigate every step of the complex claims process. When you choose us, we will thoroughly investigate every detail of your case and build a solid claim on your behalf. We understand how challenging recovering from a motorcycle accident can be. We will work tirelessly to handle every aspect of your case so you can focus entirely on your healing and recovery. 


5 Steps Involved in Investigating a Florida Motorcycle Accident

After partnering with a skilled Orlando motorcycle accident lawyer, they will begin to investigate your case to determine liability and damages. A highly-qualified attorney will take the following steps as they investigate your case:

Obtain a Copy of the Police Report

One of the first steps your attorney will take is obtaining a copy of the police report regarding your accident. Police reports are essential evidence in motorcycle accident investigations as they provide an objective record of your accident and help establish causation and liability. 

Conduct an On-Scene Investigation

Following a motorcycle accident, an on-scene investigation should be conducted as soon as possible. Your attorney will look for and document various factors that may have contributed to your accident, including skid marks, debris, traffic signals, or other hazards. If you are able, taking photos of the accident before you leave the scene may be beneficial to your attorney’s investigation and the success of your claim. 

Inspect the Vehicles Involved in the Collision

Investigating the damage to your motorcycle and the other vehicle involved in the accident is also essential. The location of the damage on each vehicle can provide evidence as to how exactly the collision occurred and can be vital for establishing who is at fault for the crash. 

Interview Witnesses

Witness testimonies are crucial pieces of evidence, especially in cases where more concrete evidence is lacking. To assist your attorney and the success of your claim, speak to any witnesses before leaving the scene of the accident and ensure to make a note of their names and contact information. 

Collect Video Evidence and Other Records

Traffic or security camera footage can be decisive pieces of evidence in a motorcycle accident case. This footage may show the circumstances leading up to the accident as well as exactly how the accident occurred. Additionally, your attorney may also pursue other records, such as the other driver’s phone records, to prove they were acting negligently at the time of the accident.


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After a motorcycle accident, you may feel frustrated and unsure of your next steps. At Wooten, Kimbrough, Damaso & Dennis, our attorneys are dedicated to handling every step of your investigation while keeping you informed on your legal rights and options. We have a proven track record of successfully recovering the maximum amount of compensation available for our clients in Florida, and we are ready to apply our knowledge and skills to your unique case. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your case with a member of our trusted legal team, call us today at (407) 843-7060 or complete our contact form.

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