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7 Mistakes to Avoid After a Florida Truck Accident

While moments following a truck accident can be confusing and devastating, they’re also crucial when seeking compensation. There are several mistakes that truck accident victims make that can impact their claims. Knowing the mistakes to avoid can help you protect your case and get the best compensation.

Our experienced Florida truck accident lawyers know the biggest mistakes victims make after a Florida truck accident. We can help you avoid them and give you a better fighting chance for your compensation. With that said, here are seven mistakes you should avoid if you were injured in a truck accident caused by someone’s negligence.


1. Admitting Fault After a Truck Accident

Whether you feel partially at fault for the accident or not, admitting liability or apologizing may come back to you when pursuing compensation. When the other driver or passengers are injured, you may be tempted to apologize for your role in the accident. After all, it’s human nature to show sympathy to those suffering.

Unfortunately, anything you say after a truck accident may be used against you. An investigation is the only way to determine fault after a Florida truck accident. Therefore, you should avoid apologizing, which can be seen as admitting negligence. Instead, you should only stay to the facts and say as little as possible. Additionally, you should avoid unnecessary conversation and only talk to the police or medical providers.


2. Failing to Seek Medical Treatment

Immediately after a truck accident, it’s important to see a doctor, even if you feel you were not seriously injured. Truck accidents often lead to devastating injuries, some of which may take time to show. Therefore, you may be more seriously injured than you think. This makes it important to get medical care as it gives you a full assessment of your injuries.  

Additionally, the defendant may claim that you were not badly injured when you immediately failed to seek medical help. Seeking immediate medical treatment will not only help you recover your health fully, but also determine the value and strength of your claim. You should also follow the doctor’s orders to avoid having any gaps in your treatment.


3. Failing to Call the Police

The first thing you should do after a truck accident in Florida is to call the police or ask someone to do it. Calling the police ensures that all the details about the accident are documented and that your statements are accurate. A police report is usually crucial in a personal injury claim as it contains all the important crash-related information, such as:

  • The date, time, and place of the collision
  • Witnesses’ contact information and statements
  • How and why the accident happened
  • The driver’s information
  • Citations or any violations of the law
  • Description and insurance information of the vehicles involved

Given how complicated truck accidents are, a police report is a piece of vital evidence when determining fault. The report is usually an objective description of the accident that can help reconstruct it. Therefore, it prevents both drivers from making false claims and can help you fight for your rights in case the defendant denies your claim.


4. Failing to Gather Evidence and Information

Evidence is important when proving liability in a Florida truck crash. If possible, you should take photos or videos of the scene, including the position of the vehicles, any skid marks, road conditions, and damage to the vehicles. These are crucial pieces of evidence that can be lost as time goes by.

If you were involved in a serious truck wreck, you should call a Florida truck accident lawyer as soon as you can. Do your best to investigate and collect evidence from the scene, and a lawyer will be able to walk you through the rest. Failing to have well-organized supporting evidence may hurt your case.


5. Interacting With Insurance Companies

Another common mistake truck accident victims should avoid is interacting with insurance companies. Unfortunately, insurance companies are never on your side and will always do everything possible to pay out less or shift the blame to you. Insurance adjusters may try to contact you when you’re injured in a truck collision and use deceptive means to weaken your claim.

Under Florida law, you’re not required to give any statements to the pushy adjusters. Therefore, you should consult a truck accident lawyer before giving recorded statements, signing documents, or interacting with insurance companies. It’s best to redirect all communications to your lawyer when dealing with insurance companies.


6. Accepting a Settlement in a Florida Truck Accident

After a truck collision, trucking companies and insurance companies may try to trick you into accepting a low settlement offer. While you may be tempted to quickly get through the compensation process and put the accident behind you, you should not accept any compensation without assessing the full extent of your damages.

Adjusters will try to offer you a settlement of less than the full value of your damages. If you accept the payment, you cannot pursue any legal claims, even if your injuries turn out to be more serious or more costly. It is best to contact a dedicated Florida truck accident lawyer who will evaluate all your damages and help you get maximum compensation.


7. Not Seeking Legal Help From a Florida Truck Accident Attorney

Truck accidents are usually complicated and require the expertise of an attorney. Therefore, failing to contact a lawyer is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid after a truck accident in Florida. With the trucking company having powerful lawyers on their side, statutes of limitations to adhere to, and so much at stake, your best chance is to seek legal help from a dedicated lawyer. You should contact a Florida truck accident lawyer immediately after the accident to get all the legal help you need.


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