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How to Take Truck Accident Photos to Use as Evidence in Your Claim

How to Take Truck Accident Photos to Use as Evidence in Your ClaimAfter a truck accident, you may be stunned by the impact or confused about what to do in the aftermath. While your first call should be to emergency responders to ensure that the police are on the way to file a report and EMS to respond to any injuries, your next should be to a Florida truck accident lawyer. 

Wooten, Kimbrough, Damaso & Dennis P.A. specializes in walking those involved in collisions through the initial aspects of dealing with the accident. This includes taking photos that can be used down the road to help with any claim you may file. 


Why Truck Accident Photos are Important

Truck accident photos can help to support your version of events after the collision. The further from the accident you get, the more its details may become less clear. Photos will help you remember what happened and provide visual evidence of the crash. Your Florida truck accident lawyer can look at the pictures taken at the crash scene and determine accountability by homing in on key points of evidence that might not even initially be apparent to you. 

Truck accident photos are also helpful for the truck accident lawyer to process your claim successfully and even litigate it. When insurance companies try to employ unethical tactics to get out of paying, truck accident photos can provide the necessary evidence to force them to do the right thing. 


Truck Accident Photo Tips

The moments after a truck accident are filled with fear and uncertainty. However, if you are not hurt and remain on the scene, begin snapping photos as soon as possible. Here are a few tips to get the best possible pictures: 

  • Snap pictures from every possible angle. Sometimes, things may be apparent from one angle that is not from another. So, the more angles you can provide in your photos, the better it is to prove your claim. 
  • Take photos up close and far away. Again, your Florida truck accident lawyer will need these images to analyze the accident scene, and the more variety that exists, the better. 
  • Make sure to get pictures of the specific damage caused to your car and that which was caused to the other vehicle. 
  • If it is dim outside, use the flash feature so that the photos are not too dark. 
  • Take a few pictures of the environment surrounding the collision, including any skid marks on the road, property damage done in the area around the crash, and any other impact that the crash may have caused in the aftermath. 

The more pictures and variety of angles and shots your truck accident lawyer can choose from, the more likely it is that they will be able to resolve your case successfully. 


Seek Guidance from a Florida Truck Accident Lawyer to Learn How Photos Might Help in a Claim

Taking truck accident photos in the moments immediately following a truck accident can change the entire trajectory of any case you opt to pursue. However, this is something you may not consider in the immediate aftermath of the collision, so your first call after summoning emergency services should be to a Florida truck accident lawyer. Wooten, Kimbrough, Damaso & Dennis P.A. will walk you through precisely what kinds of photos to take after a truck accident to help with your claim. 

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