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Can I Seek Punitive Damages after a Truck Accident in Florida?

Can I Seek Punitive Damages after a Truck Accident in Florida?A Florida truck accident may alter your life in many ways, including injuries sustained in the collision and a vehicle that has been rendered undrivable. Understandably, your first instinct may be to find a Florida truck accident lawyer who can help you file a claim against the responsible party that results in significant compensation levels to the point of punitive damages. Understanding your rights and options in pursuing this level of compensation can help you make sound decisions when choosing a legal partner in this fight. 

Wooten, Kimbrough, Damaso & Dennis P.A. has a reputation for helping our clients to get significant compensation after being victimized in truck accidents. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your collision, we may be able to do the same for you. 


What Are Punitive Damages?

Punitive damages are a financial consequence levied by the court system when the other party displayed gross negligence in an accident. Punitive damages can be used to punish the party accountable for the incident because of their behavior. 

Awarding punitive damages for a truck accident is a rare occurrence. It typically occurs when the behavior that caused the accident is egregious, such as texting while driving, driving under the influence, or other forms of reckless behavior behind the wheel. Florida limits the number of punitive damages that may be awarded in a truck accident case to three times the amount of compensation awarded or $500,000, whichever amount is less.


Can I Seek Punitive Damages After a Florida Truck Accident?

Suppose the driver is accountable for causing the truck accident and engaged in negligent behavior that fits Florida’s parameters for punitive damages. In that case, this is an avenue that your Florida truck accident attorney may pursue to try to get you the most significant damages possible. Determining whether punitive damages are an option in your case is one of the reasons it is critical to conduct a thorough case review at the outset of filing a claim. 

Should we decide that it is possible to be awarded punitive damages in your truck accident case, we will amass all relevant evidence demonstrating the other driver’s negligence. Wooten, Kimbrough, Damaso & Dennis P.A. takes the most comprehensive approach to this process by obtaining copies of the police report, your complete medical records, eyewitness testimony, and any surveillance footage of the crash. The more information we have to support the position that the other driver was grossly negligent, the more likely it is that we may be able to win you a punitive damages award in your truck accident case. 


Reach Out to a Florida Truck Accident Lawyer to Determine Your Claim Options

When determining how best to proceed after a Florida truck accident, it is best to consult with a reputable Florida truck accident lawyer. If you are seeking punitive damages, you need a legal team with the experience and knowledge necessary to pursue this level of compensation on your behalf successfully. Wooten, Kimbrough, Damaso & Dennis P.A. has done just that, getting our clients much more compensation than they even thought possible. We are aggressive and pursue every viable legal strategy available to get you justice in the form of compensation. 

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