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5 Ways Motorcyclists Can Avoid Blind Spots

Florida motorcyclists are much more exposed to the elements and potential accidents than the typical motorist. Motorcycles lack seatbelts and a protective steel frame and are small enough to fit entirely into a car or truck’s blind spot. When a motorcycle rides in another vehicle’s blind spot, the other driver can miss them completely when they turn or change lanes, causing severe and often fatal injuries. Fortunately, there are several steps a biker can take to avoid ending up in another vehicle’s blind spot. 

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How to Keep Clear of Other Driver’s Blind Spots

Blind spots can be exceedingly dangerous for motorcyclists, making avoiding them essential for accident prevention. Below are five ways you can avoid another driver’s blindspots on Florida’s roads and highways:

Know How to Identify a Vehicle’s Blind Spot

Regardless of the vehicle’s size, many share common blind spots, including the following:

  • Any part of the vehicle that can be seen when the driver looks through their mirrors
  • The space between the rearview mirror and what the driver sees when facing forward
  • The gap between the vehicle in front of you and alongside you

Keeping these potential blind spots in mind can help you safely avoid them. 

Avoid Riding Side-by-Side

The best way to avoid a blind spot accident is to stay clear of other vehicles’ blindspots altogether. Try to ride either in front of or behind other cars whenever possible. Maintaining a safe following distance is also helpful so you have time to react if a car or truck pulls up next to you. 

Engage in Defensive Driving

Motorcyclists must be even more vigilant than other drivers on the road. Pay close attention to your surroundings and other drivers’ behavior to predict when negligence may occur. If a driver seems to be acting erratically, give them a wide berth and pass them as soon as it is safe. 

Make Yourself as Visible as Possible

Before pulling out of your driveway, don reflective clothing and ensure your headlights are on, even during the day. The more visible you make yourself, the harder it will be for drivers to miss you and cause an accident. 

Pass Other Vehicles Quickly

The quicker you pass another vehicle, the less time you spend in their blind spot. While this does not mean you should disregard the speed limit or road conditions, passing as quickly as you safely can decrease the likelihood of a blind spot accident.


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