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5 Tips for Driving With an Infant to Avoid Accident Injuries

New parents often experience nerves and anxiety when worrying about their child’s health and safety. These fears can be compounded when driving with a baby on board. While every parent wants to keep their precious cargo as safe as possible, it can sometimes be more challenging than it sounds. However, taking appropriate safety precautions can help you avoid and lessen the severity of potential collisions. 

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5 Safety Tips to Follow When Driving With an Infant

While many variables can impact a baby’s safety on the road, you can help protect your child from potential injuries by following these essential safety tips. 

Understand Florida’s Car Seat Laws

In Florida, it is legally required for children under the age of five to be secured in a crash-tested and federally approved car seat. Additionally, most experts recommend that children be secured in rear-facing car seats until they are at least two years old. A rear-facing seat can help protect your baby’s head and neck in the event of an accident. 

Ensure Your Child’s Car Seat Is Compatible With Your Vehicle

Unfortunately, many car seats are not universally compatible with any vehicle. It is essential to test your car seat to ensure it fits properly in your car. If you cannot get a proper fit or ensure your child is at the right angle, you may compromise their safety. 

Avoid Modifying the Your Child’s Car Seat

While some car seat extras, such as attached toys, can help you avoid distractions on the road, others may impact the seat’s functionality. For example, strap pads designed to cushion your child can prevent the car seat from restraining your child correctly. As a rule of thumb, avoid adding any extras that come between your child and the car seat straps. 

Remove Bulky Coats Before Buckling Your Child In

Much like car seat strap cushions, bulky puffer coats can prevent the seat from functioning correctly. To keep your child warm in the car, remove their jacket and put it on backward after they are already secured in the seat. 

Keep Your Focus on the Road

When an infant is in the back seat, you may be tempted to turn around and tend to their needs. However, it is essential to keep your eyes on the road at all times to avoid an accident. If you need to feed or calm your baby, pull off the road safely before tending to their needs. 


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