Doug / 05-26-2011 / Wrongful Death

Deceased Ole Miss Player’s Family Sues for Wrongful Death

According to CBS Sports, the family of deceased University of Mississippi football player has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the NCAA, the University, coach Houston Nutt and as well as other staffers and medical personnel. Bennie “Buster” Abram died in February 2010 following an early offseason workout. An autopsy determined he died due to complications from sickle cell trait.

Abram’s family alleges that the defendants were so reckless that their actions rise to the level of negligent criminal homicide and involuntary manslaughter. The lawsuit alleges that Abram had tested positive for the condition around February 2010, and that he was never informed. Abram’s parents said they were never aware of their son’s positive test or condition.

Abram collapsed shortly after an early morning workout on February 2010, six hours later he was pronounced dead. Three months later, an autopsy result determined sickle cell trait had contributed to his death. Sickle cell trait remains the leading killer of Division I football players since 2000. The NCAA started mandating testing for the condition last year.

The personal injury attorney representing Abram’s family said that the tragedy could have been prevented and that Ole Miss is culpable and legally responsible for the death because it failed to distribute educational videos and other material to coaches and staff per the Dale Lloyd settlement. Lloyd died in 2006 as a result of sickle cell trait following a workout, the settlement in that wrongful death lawsuit lead to NCAA’s new testing rules.

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