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New NHL Concussion Suit Filed Before Stanley Cup Finals

On the eve of Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Chicago Blackhawks, a former player has filed a lawsuit against the National Hockey League (NHL) for failing to warn him of the significant risk of brain damage. Ex-Blackhawk player and former coach of Tampa Bay, Steve Ludzik, filed the suit on Monday, June 1st in Chicago, Illinois. According to the suit, during his 10 year career, Ludzik claims he was “allowed and encouraged after suffering concussions to return to play in the same game and/or practice.” He now has Parkinson’s disease and claims it is a result of repeated concussions and continuing play in the NHL. This is not the first lawsuit to be brought against the NHL, or a professional sports league. Currently the NHL is facing a class-action lawsuit with several former players claiming a failure to educate and inform…
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How ‘Thousands of Pills’ Could Have ‘Worsened Into Middle-Aged Dementia’

In this video from the website brainline.org, Dr. John Corrigan from Ohio State University estimates that as many as half of traumatic brain injury (TBI) victims have prior histories of problems with alcohol or other drugs before sustaining brain injuries. Corrigan also estimates that roughly 10 percent of everyone treated in rehabilitation did not have an alcohol or drug abuse problem before, but will develop one later on. On Monday, we discussed the recent news that former NFL linebacker Junior Seau had reportedly been taking Ambien. While Seau’s brain is currently being studied for possible chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), the progressive degenerative disease diagnosed posthumously in individuals with a history of multiple concussions, a different story about a different athlete in a different sport addressed the same issue. The New York Times reported on June 4, 2012, that during his final three seasons in the NHL, hockey “enforcer” Derek Boogaard…
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Cheerleaders Just as Capable of Sustaining TBIs as the Players

As we discussed on Monday, March is Brain Injury Awareness Month and the video above is an example of the Brain Injury Association of America’s (BIAA) campaign theme of “Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone.” Amy Davis is a former Miss Utah who sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in a cheerleading accident, but she now serves as the national spokesperson for the BIAA. Amy’s story is indicative of many TBI survivors, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says falls are the leading cause of these injuries, accounting for more than a third of TBIs every year. While 17.3 percent of TBIs are the result of motor vehicle crashes and traffic-related incidents, that is still the second leading cause of TBIs and account for the largest percentage of TBI-related deaths. While Amy’s tale of her recovery is inspiring, many other victims have a much more difficult time, often facing a…
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