Doug / 09-03-2012 / WKN News

School Bus Carrying Special Needs Children Involved in Accident

A school bus in Orange County, Florida carrying a group of special needs students was involved in an accident on August 22, according to the Orlando Sentinel. According to reports the bus struck a red Hyundai. None of the passengers suffered injury.

The bus accident occurred at the intersection of Glenrod and Bates, with early reports indicating the driver of the bus was at fault. Witnesses claim the bus driver was in a hurry to make a left turn and pulled out in front of the car. The bus driver will receive a written reprimand and also be subjected to a drug and alcohol test.

Every school day over 22 million children ride on school buses. Bus drivers have a responsibility to keep these children safe.

“On average, over the past 11 years, school buses have been involved in over 26,000 crashes, resulting in less than 1,000 incapacitating injuries and slightly more than 7,000 non-incapacitating injuries and possible injuries to passengers,” read a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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