Doug / 08-20-2010 / Food-borne Illnesses

Salmonella Outbreak in Fresh Eggs Expanded

Over 380 million eggs have been recalled due to a possible exposure to the food borne illness salmonella.   The eggs were produced by Wright County Egg in Galt, Iowa and sold  to many different wholesalers, distribution centers and food service companies, and were sold under various labels which to date include:

Dutch Farms
Farm Fresh
Mountain Dairy
James Farms
Pacific Coast

According to the FDA, there have been confirmed cases of salmonella enteritidis traced back to the eggs.  The egg cartons are marked with a number which indicates the plant they came from and the Julian date they were packaged.  For example  P-1720 223 means Plant #1720 packaged on the 223 day of the year.  Consumers should not eat eggs with the plant numbers 1720 and 1942 with Julian dates from 136 through 229 on the carton.

If you have questions or concerns about this recall, you are asked to visit the website or call the Wright County Egg company at 866-272-5582.

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