Doug / 03-25-2009 / Auto Accidents

Red-light Camera Coming to Orange County

While there is still dispute on whether red-light cameras cause more auto accidents than they prevent, Orange County commissioners are expected to vote today to install red-light cameras at “high risk intersections” throughout the county.

But don’t expect to receive your $150 ticket in the mail unless you run a red-light inside the inside city limits of those cities that are issuing tickets from their own cameras.  County Mayor Rich Crotty said he wants to avoid potential lawsuits and will wait until the cameras are authorized by state law.

The City of Orlando installed their cameras in September last year and cited over 1,100 drivers in just 2 weeks.  One would hope that by September of this year the City will perform an audit of accidents at these intersections to see what the impact really is.  We know they’re issuing tickets, but are there also more rear-collision accidents because of them as the opponents say there will be?  Or have they really reduced the number of red-light runners?



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