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3 Features of the I-4 Ultimate Project Intended to Improve Safety

I4Ultimate construction project. The current Orlando I-4 project and how it will improve traffic safety.

When Florida residents think of the infamous Interstate-4 or I-4, they likely associate it with stand-still traffic, constant construction, and less than safe driving conditions. In fact, I-4 has been deemed the nation’s deadliest highway due to the alarmingly high number of fatal accidents that occur along the roadway daily. While the highway has a less than positive history, the I-4 ultimate project has been underway with the hopes of improving safety and connecting communities across Central Florida. 

Wooten, Kimbrough, Damaso & Dennis is an award-winning Orlando car accident lawyers with experience helping clients in Central Florida who have been injured seek compensation for their losses. If you live in or plan to travel to Central Florida, you will likely utilize Interstate-4 at some point along your travel route. While many drivers attempt to avoid this particular highway, this ultimate I-4 ultimate construction project hopes to encourage more drivers to use the roadway with new features intended to improve safety. 


What Is the I-4 Ultimate Project?

The Florida Department of Transportation, or FDOT, has a goal to make Interstate-4 a safer highway for drivers to travel upon. Recently, FDOT has worked towards this goal by making great gains in technological advancements and raising the standard for how other state departments of transportation generate better value for every transportation dollar invested. The I-4 ultimate project will play a major role in accomplishing these goals. 

The partners working on the I-4 Ultimate Project are focusing on innovation on Interstate-4 to enhance:

  • Traffic flow reliability with auxiliary lanes and added movements
  • Consistency in driver expectancy 
  • Reduced travel times
  • Driver and pedestrian safety with sight distance improvements, alignments, and walkability throughout interchanges
  • Sustainability by using recycled materials

These enhancements will not only improve the highway’s functionality but will also make it safer for drivers to travel. Driver safety is a number one concern in ensuring that I-4 can better connect the communities of Central Florida. 


3 Ways That the I-4 Ultimate Project Is Improving Safety

Car accidents often leave victims with life-altering injuries and costly expenses. With I-4 being a highway that is prone to severe, sometimes deadly accidents occurring daily, it was important to FDOT that the I-4 ultimate project focused heavily on improving safety for drivers who travel along the roadway. Some of the features that will help improve driver safety when driving along I-4 include:

Pedestrian Tunnel

A pedestrian tunnel will be constructed under State Road (S.R.) 436 between Douglas Avenue, Wymore Road, and I-4. This tunnel will add a unique safety feature for individuals on foot who need to cross the busy highway. Pedestrians will be able to cross six lanes of bustling traffic without the risk of being struck by a vehicle. Additionally, the flow of traffic will be improved as motorists will not need to stop so pedestrians can safely pass. The tunnel will be fully lit and equipped with security cameras monitored by law enforcement. 

Single Point Urban Interchange

A SPUI is an efficient interchange that is used to safely move large amounts of traffic within a limited amount of space, like downtown Orlando or Altamonte Springs. One set of traffic signals will be centrally located on the surface street and will control all movement along the surface street and between I-4 and the street. Each SPUI will have six signal phases. This feature will improve the efficiency of high volumes of traffic moving between roadways and through the intersection on the surface street.

Texas U-Turns

Originating in Texas but now found on highways across the nation, the Texas U-turn allows drivers traveling on a one-way frontage road to make a U-turn in the opposite direction without waiting at a traffic signal. 


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