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Pedestrian Safety in Central Florida

pedestrian safetyLast week, a man in Orlando was hit and killed while crossing Colonial Drive near John Young Parkway. WESH reported that the crash happened just past midnight and it does not appear initially that the driver was at fault. According to the report, 50 pedestrians were killed by cars last year in the metro Orlando area, while Tampa, Jacksonville, and Miami also top the list of most dangerous cities for pedestrians.

In 2012, the Orlando Sentinel ran a special report on the pedestrian deaths in Orlando investigating the “magnitude of the problem.”  As you can see from their infographic, Orange County had 196 pedestrian deaths in a 6-year time span, with a total of 333 deaths across Central Florida.

And what are the two worst intersections? Silver Star Rd. & Hiawassee Rd. and Semoran Blvd. & Old Cheney Hwy. (Click here to see a graphic of the worst intersections for pedestrians in Central Florida)

Certainly not every pedestrian death is the result of the driver’s error or inattention, however 31% of the drivers involved in pedestrian accidents were cited for careless driving (Florida Statute § 316.1925). Careless driving in Florida may only be a moving violation, but when injuries or death are the result, the criminal and civil implications heighten to a felony vehicular homicide or a length, expensive wrongful death lawsuit.

Florida official and our local politicians are spending millions of dollars trying to make the roadways safer for both drivers and pedestrians. In 2010, a project started to tackle some of the most dangerous roadways. This project, costing more than $38 million is designed to make drivers and pedestrians more alert of their surroundings and others. The State government also implemented a $6 million police crackdown on pedestrians crossing illegally. Crosswalks, sidewalks, stop signs, stop lights, and medians are the most common places for these accidents.

Most importantly, everyone (pedestrians and drivers) need to be more attentive while driving and walking on our busy roadways. With cell phones causing even more distraction, it’s incredibly important that when driving you keep your eyes on the road and not become another statistic in most deadly pedestrian city in the country.

If you are involved in the automobile accident or if you are the unfortunate victim hit by a distracted driver, make sure you contact an attorney immediately to preserve your rights and make sure you are taken care of. Injuries from being hit by a vehicle are expense and you need a seasoned, reputable firm representing your interests. Call or e-mail us today for a free consultation.

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