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Happy Ending to Frightful School Bus Ride

In this video, a young man’s actions help avert what certainly could have easily been a tragic accident. The students aboard the school bus in the video are helpless after driver suffered a seizure while behind the wheel, and the video shows just how violent the road was before the 17-year-old brought the bus to a stop. Fortunately, no children in the video sustained in any injuries.

As we mentioned on Monday, school bus accidents made headlines across the nation last month, with three separate accidents occurring on the same day on March 12, 2012. The attention that these incidents garnered inevitably led to discussions in the media and around the country as to whether restraint devices should be required on all school buses. Not every bus, after all, is equipped with a quick-thinking teenager.

While Florida is one of six states that require seat belts to be installed on school buses, that safety provision does not mean that another party cannot be held liable for an injuries a child suffers in a school bus accident. Driver negligence, dangerous roadways or improper maintenance could all be grounds for a lawsuit if a child sustains any injuries in a school bus accident.

It is also important to remember that these same types of errors can also cause accidents for various forms of public transportation, such as the Lynx bus system, a shuttle to Disney World or the Magic Kingdom monorail. If you or your child is involved in one of these accidents, getting the appropriate medical attention should be your first and foremost concern, but you should contact an experienced car accident lawyer in Orlando, FL as soon as possible afterward to possibly recover compensation for any costs relating to you or your child’s injuries.

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