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Do I Need a Witness in a Florida Car Accident Case?

While some car accidents can clearly show the other party’s fault, others require more evidence. If you’re in a car accident and the responsible driver claims that you were the one who caused the accident, you’ll need to show detailed evidence and documentation for your claim. Having a witness testimonial of the crash is one of the most significant pieces of evidence you can have besides a video of the accident itself.

Witnesses are known as “third-party” observers who have no relation to you or the other party but saw the accident occur. They can give a thorough account of what occurred and present any evidence they might have for the claim. For example, if they were driving behind you and had a dash camera in their car, they could give their testimony and show the video of the accident. Witnesses offer essential pieces of evidence in a car accident claim.

How to Tell If a Witness Is Credible for Your Car Accident Claim

For the witness to give reliable testimony, they’ll need to have some level of credibility. The other party’s lawyer will try to disprove their testimony and even their ability as a witness. When you know factors that might hinder their credibility, you can prepare to counter the comments and show that they can present a clear picture of the situation.

Some of the questions to consider when discussing credibility with your witness includes:

  • Is the witness a convicted felon?
  • Does the witness have poor eyesight or hearing?
  • Was the witness intoxicated at the time of the observations?
  • Does the witness have a poor memory?
  • Was the witness driving a car, or was the witness watching the accident unfold from a safe distance?
  • How long was the witness watching the accident?
  • Can the witness estimate or determine how fast the car was driving?
  • Was the witness distracted?

An Orlando car accident lawyer may ask and prepare a witness for these questions on their credibility. They can give your witness the ability to calmly state their take on the accident and show any information that might help your claim. Witnesses might also feel more secure with a lawyer by their side to help guide them through the process.

When Should I Contact a Car Accident Attorney at Wooten, Kimbrough, Damaso & Dennis?

As soon as you are able, contact a car accident lawyer. They’ll help navigate you through the complicated process and offer any advice on what actions should be taken to help your claim. Witnesses are vital to recovering the compensation you deserve, but without the help of an experienced attorney, they may feel overwhelmed.

There are many ways for a car accident lawyer to help your case, including:

  • Interviewing eyewitnesses of your car accident
  • Gathering evidence and documentation
  • Analyzing for potential legal issues
  • Dissecting the cause of your accident
  • Negotiating with insurance companies

If you suffer severe injuries and damage from a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, you have the right to seek legal action against them. With the help of a dependable lawyer, you can count on them to protect your rights and interests.

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