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Deadly Accident Occurs Between Disney Bus and Visitor Vehicle

A tragic accident occurred yesterday on Disney property, leading many to be concerned over the safety of the theme park operations. A female Orlando resident, passed away yesterday when her vehicle collided with a Disney Magical Express bus near the Epcot theme park.

It is unclear how the accident occurred, however reports from the Florida Highway Patrol indicate that the woman’s vehicle was stopped along the roadway when the Disney bus collided into the back of her vehicle. The Disney Magical Express bus was owned and operated by Mears Transportation. According to the reports, the bus did not stop in time to avoid the collision, likely bringing many to question if there was a lack of attention and awareness on the part of the bus driver.

There were roughly 30 people on the bus, which transports tourists from the airport to the Central Florida theme park. Two of those passengers were also transported to Florida Hospital with minor injuries. The other passengers on the bus could end up being very important to the investigation. Reports indicate officials are looking into the speed of the bus and the location of the vehicle stopped in the roadway. According to Sgt. Kim Montes, of the Florida Highway Patrol, the bus driver applied his brakes, unfortunately not able to stop in time to avoid the accident.

Events like this remind us that safety and awareness should be priority number one when driving on the roadways. The investigation is on going and will certainly be telling as to the liability and negligence of both parties. Our condolences go out to the victim’s family and those of the passengers on the bus that have started their vacation with a deeply saddening and emotional event.

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