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Crosswalk Crackdown in Orange County

Crosswalk Crackdown

Crosswalk Crackdown by Robert Couse-Baker

In the State of Florida drivers are required to stop and remain stopped until pedestrians cross at crosswalks, but unfortunately the failure of drivers to properly yield to pedestrians is responsible for 20% of all pedestrian deaths and injuries in the Orlando area. Of the incidents resulting in injury or death, 35% occur within marked crosswalk areas.

Pedestrian deaths are preventable and that is why in June 2012, a local grassroots pedestrian safety coalition, Best Foot Forward, was formed to address this growing problem in Central Florida.  According to Katy Magruder with Best Foot Forward, only about 30% of motorists actually stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk, even though it is required under Florida law. A recent joint effort between the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the Orlando Police Department is seeking to crackdown on violations of Florida’s traffic law regarding yielding to pedestrians at crosswalks.

According to a report released by the National Complete Streets Coalition, Central Florida is currently ranked the deadliest city in the country for pedestrians. Drivers are cautioned to remain aware of their surroundings when approaching school zones or marked crosswalks. Violators can expect to be issued a $164 ticket in addition to three points on their licenses for failing to comply.

Between the launching of Best Foot Forward and the efforts of our law enforcement, drivers yield rates in areas with posted speed limits of 35mph and less have increased from 12% to 48%. Unfortunately that still leaves 52% of drivers continuing to not yield.  If you or a loved one has been injured due to a driver’s negligence you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, but it is important you seek advice for an attorney as soon as possible.

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