Doug / 07-22-2011 / Tourist Injuries

Young Children At High Risk Of Drowning

According to the Florida Department of Health report from 2001-2005, the state averages 465 deaths per year from unintentional drowning. Another study found that Florida ranks top in drowning deaths of toddlers and young children. A 2008 report found that 71% of Florida’s unintentional drowning deaths involved children under the age of four. It is a sad statistic that suggests we can do a lot more to protect our children from accidental drowning in private or public pools.

Public pool officials can prevent the dangers of drowning and tourist injuries by repairing faulty drains. A faulty drain was named as a cause of death of a 7-year-old who died after the suction of the drain entrapped her underwater. State and federal law requires pool owners to install pool drains that lessen the risk of entrapment and have a safety vacuum release.
Public pools should also be kept clean. Clean water means disease free water and it also helps swimmers be seen if they are in trouble while in the water. Cloudy water may indicate harmful bacteria, such as the bacteria that can cause Legionnaires disease. Recently, a British tourist died after exposure to Legionella bacteria, which was acquired from sitting poolside next to a hotel spa containing the harmful bacteria.

Private pools should abide by the same cleanliness rules. Parents should supervise their children at all times when around pools, hot tubs or spas. Parents can enroll their children in swimming classes and keep life-vests on children while they are around bodies of water. Also, parents can greatly benefit from training in life-saving techniques and CPR in case of an emergency.

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