Doug / 05-03-2011 / Theme park accidents

Woman Files Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Universal Studios

According to the Louisiana Record, a Jefferson Parish woman has filed a lawsuit against Universal Studios after she fell and injured herself while exiting a portable toilet located near a Final Destination IV movie set. The personal injury trial is set to go to trial next year.

Debra Pittman claims that she exited the portable toilet in the amusement park and that she fell through a space in the metal steps that became detached improperly and separated enough to allow her leg to fall through, causing her a severe and permanent injury.

Pittman claims the accident occurred in 2008 and that she was infected with a staph infection which required her further surgeries to her leg and hip.

Pittman also named Elite Portable Restrooms and Showers Inc., ESIS, ACE Insurance, JAG Mobile Solutions, Burlington Insurance, FD4 Productions and Colony Insurance in her lawsuit. Elite has filed several motions to compel the production of medical documentation pertaining to Pittman’s injuries.

A judge dismissed allegations made against ACE, FD4, Time Warner and ESIS earlier this year. The trial is expected to take four days.

It is not uncommon to see amusement park injuries or deaths turn into lawsuit. In Norridge, Illinois, a family had filed a lawsuit claiming their son’s death was caused by the amusement park’s negligence. Jason Dansby was riding the Python Pit youth roller coaster at the Go Bananas indoor amusement park when he fell out of the car, and died as a result of suffered brain injuries. Jason was able to slip down under the safety bar in the ride car and fall out. The family alleges that the ride did not stop quickly enough after the boy had fallen and that the ride operator admitted she engaged the emergency brake on the ride but it did not immediately stop.

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