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When Do I Contact My Insurance Company After An Accident?

If you’ve ever been in an accident, or had damage done to your property because of an accident, you know that you have a lot on your mind.  If someone was harmed, you need to get them treatment, if damage was done then repairs need to be made.  Sometimes things fall through the cracks and you forget to tell your insurance company that the accident occurred and a claim needs to be made, and that can lead to trouble.

Recently in the Florida District courts decisions have been made that may seem to contradict each other where timeliness in making an insurance claim in concerned.  These decisions reflect that the court takes into account the specific circumstances in each filing and makes their decisions based on that case.  Nonetheless, if you fail to file a claim in an ample amount of time, you may not be covered by your own insurance, and that can be dangerous to you, and to any case you may have.

If you are in an accident, it is important that you do contact your insurance company and file a claim as quickly as possible.  Failure to contact your insurance carrier and make a claim quickly may give them the ability to deny your claim outright and leave you holding the bill for any medical, and repair expenses you may have.

Along with calling your attorney, your insurance company should be one of your first calls, once you’ve ensured that everyone in the accident has been taken care of.  Even if you do not believe you are at fault, you should contact them and advise them that an accident occurred.  By working with your insurance company and your attorney, you can ensure you don’t lose your coverage, and you remain covered if and when any costs do come up.

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