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What To Do When Road Rage Results In Serious Car Accident Injuries

There are times where driving is incredibly frustrating. Road rage incidents occur more often than we think, with aggressive driving contributing to two-thirds of all auto accident fatalities.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a car accident due to road rage, an experienced car accident lawyer in Orlando may be able to help.

What Triggers Road Rage?

Road rage incidents are triggered by various actions that drivers take, whether they are purposefully doing so or not. Possible signs of road rage may include:

  • Continually honking your horn
  • Swearing or shouting
  • Weaving through traffic
  • Excessive speed while driving
  • Intentionally bumping another car
  • Leaving your car to confront other drivers
  • Tailgating or following too closely
  • Lane-splitting

Road rage statistics showcase the facts surrounding road rage. Many of these are not surprising and include the following:

  • Teenage boys are the most susceptible to road rage.
  • Road rage is infectious; About 50% of drivers who have been victims of road rage respond with similar behavior. For the most part, men tend to be more prone to road rage.
  • Over a third of road rage incidents involve firearms.
  • Aggressive driving that results in road rage is much more likely to occur in the city.

What to Do If a Road Rage Situation Begins

If you are involved in a road rage situation, you may not have the chance to diffuse it. Regardless, avoid escalating the incident by following these tips:

  • Try to stay relaxed regardless of what happens. Make sure you are aware of everything that is occurring around you.
  • Do not respond with similar behavior.
  • Do your best to avoid eye contact with the other driver.
  • Roll up your windows and lock your doors.
  • If you feel threatened, call the police or leave the area if you are in clear and immediate danger, such as if the other driver shot at you.
  • Try to leave enough space between your vehicle and the cars ahead of you so you can leave if necessary.

No matter what happens, try your best to stay calm. However, if the incident ends in an injury, ensure you seek medical attention immediately and call the police if necessary. If you have been injured, you should seek the assistance of an experienced car accident attorney.

Set Up a Consultation with an Orlando Car Accident Attorney Today

Because most auto liability insurance policies do not cover incidents related to road rage, paying any incurred damages may fall to you. You may face medical expenses, loss of income, auto expenses, expenses that arise from the accident, and so on. If you or a loved one were victimized in a road rage incident, you might be able to pursue compensation for the damages and related costs.

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