Doug / 12-15-2010 / Auto Accidents

Victoria School District Suit Settled

A personal injury case initiated as the result of injuries to a minor in a November 2007 accident when a school bus ran over the boys arm has been settled in advance of the court date, according to court records.

A bus run by the Victoria school district was involved in the personal injury of a minor when the boy fell when the bus lunged forward as the student was attempting to board. The bus was then driven forward, right over the boys arm, causing a permanent injury.
Victoria resident Craig Martin, father of the student, filed a lawsuit against the Victoria School district on behalf of his minor son.The lawsuit, filed in September 2008, claimed negligence in the accident that left his son with a permanent personal injury. Mr. Martin charged that the school district was negligent because the bus driver did not make sure that the path was clear of people before he accelerated the bus, that he accelerated the bus too quickly with no regard to passenger welfare or to the welfare of people in the vicinity of the bus, and that he did not operate the bus in a safe and prudent manner.

The Victoria School District claimed that it was the student, and not the driver who was negligent.
The case, previously scheduled to go to trial in July, had been rescheduled for November 15th. A settlement was reached before that time, but the terms of the settlement of the civil lawsuit have not been disclosed.

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