Thomas Dennis / 06-04-2018 / Auto Accidents

Traveling this summer? Here’s how to avoid issues after a car accident


Summer is the most dangerous time to be out on the road.

The automobile and educational group, AAA, calls the days of summer, starting from Memorial Day, the 100 deadliest days.

From 2011 to 2016, over 1,000 people died at the hands of teenage drivers in the 100 days following Memorial Day. That’s about 10 people per day!

This information isn’t intended to scare you, but rather prepare you for traveling this summer.

While teenage drivers find themselves with much more freedom and on the roads more, obviously not all accidents in the summer months are caused by teenage drivers.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a higher volume of travelers, including a higher number of alcohol-impaired drivers, cause nearly twice the number of automotive deaths during summer months than during the rest of the year combined.

With all the travelers on the road combined with July 4th, which is considered a major drinking holiday, Summer is the most dangerous time of year to be on the road. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ranked July 4th the deadliest day of the year.

Summer is a time for fun and vacations.

No one wants to get in a car accident. It can really put a damper on your day when you’re just trying to reach your long-awaited get away or trudging home after an exhilarating, yet exhausting, vacation.

Whether you find yourself traveling to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios or any of Orlando’s theme parks, make sure you follow these car accident tips for what to do when visiting any of Orlando’s theme parks.

If you find yourself in the situation of a car wreck, minor or major, there are some specific things to avoid in order to make the time after the car accident is less excruciating.

Do not leave the scene of the accident.

Whether the damage done is extensive or just a minor fender bender, it is important to stay to evaluate the situation.

If you do not stop to check on the driver and passengers of the other car and flee the scene, you are actually committing a crime. Once caught, the fleeing driver can face a second-degree misdemeanor in the state of Florida.

According to Florida law, any accident involving injuries or damage must be reported to local law enforcement.

Not calling 911

By not calling 911 to report the accident and making some sort of agreement between each driver, this can result in major issues with insurance coverage or even pursuing financial support based on the verbal agreement made.

A car wreck is jarring and adrenaline is pumping in the moments just after a wreck. It’s very important that all drivers remain calm.

Not remaining calm

If you get out of the car and immediately start apologizing, you are essentially admitting fault for the accident, which can cause issues with insurance and other legal proceedings afterward.

Beyond panicking to the point of apology, the emotions can go the other way. A driver can immediately get infuriated, especially toward the driver they believe is at fault.

If you find yourself in this situation, make sure to take a few deep breaths. By remaining calm, you are able to better assess all the issues and begin documenting everything at the scene.

Not documenting the incident

The documentation is going to be the biggest help in the days and weeks after the accident. Make sure to write down phone numbers (and verify that they’re correct), exchange insurance information, and take a lot of photos.

Photos can help to show the direction each car was coming from, the level of impact, how the cars landed, and even photos of the documents like licenses and license plates.

The days and weeks after the wreck are actually the most difficult. Once the adrenaline has worn off and the documents have been gathered and all parties have gone their separate ways, it can be easy to get lost in the sea of insurance claims and phone calls to make.

It can all be made so much easier by contacting a tried, true, and trusted attorney. When getting help from an attorney, you just have to take care of yourself, while they handle all the phone calls and paperwork!

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