Doug / 04-15-2014 / Auto Accidents

Toyota Recalls Vehicles Due to Airbag Deployment Issue

Toyota has discovered a defect in certain model year vehicles including the 2006-2008 RAV4, 2006-2010 Yaris,2008-2010 Highlander, and 2009-2010 Tacoma, Corolla Matrix and General Pontiac Vibe vehicles. The defect which the company has discovered is that due to the shape and location of the FFC’s retainer (Flexible Flat Cable), a portion of the electrical connections to the driver’s module, could be damaged while the steering wheel is turned. This recall is expected to affect potentially 1,291, 449 vehicles.

If the FFC was to be damaged, the connectivity to the driver’s airbag could be affected and even lost, which would result in deactivation of the airbag. Should the vehicle be involved in a collision and the airbag not be properly functioning there is a substantial increase in risk of injury for the driver.

In order to address the defect Toyota will be contacting owners of the affected model year vehicles and General Motors will contact Pontiac owners. There will be a sequence of two letters sent out on behalf of Toyota, one to inform owners of the recall and another at a later point to notify them that replacement parts are available. As parts become available to fix the defect dealers will be replacing the spiral cable assembly at no charge to owners. Owners may contact Toyota at 1-800-331-4331 and General Motors at 1-800-762-2737.

Currently Toyota has recalled 6.4 million vehicles due to various defects involving airbag deployment, engine starters, seat rails and steering brackets. These recalls affect Toyota vehicles made between 2004 and 2013 and sold in regions including but not limited to Japan, North America and Europe.  Remain and informed car owner and inquire about whether or not your vehicle is affected by recalls by the manufacturer. Defective design or parts can lead to serious and life threatening injuries if not caught soon enough.

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