Doug / 07-11-2011 / Tourist Injuries

Tourist Killed in Florida Parasailing Accident

According to New York Injury News, a parasailing accident off Florida’s west coast left a male tourist dead on June 27, 2011. The fatal accident occurred about a mile off Longboat Key after the boat lost speed and the victim floated down to the water, according to local media reports.

David Richard Sieradzki, 31, of South Carolina was in the air when the parasail boat experienced a problem that caused the propellers to stop spinning. The Coast Guard says the tourist fell from as high as 800 feet at an unknown speed into the water. Sieradzki was wearing a life jacket and was waving his arms while in the water, according to the Coast Guard.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman said that Sieradzki landed in the water fine but something caused him to die while he was in the water. By the time Sieradzki was pulled back to the board he was unconscious. CPR and first aid was administered until the Coast Guard arrived, at which time the Coast Guard responders took over the rescue efforts. Sieradzki was then transported to a local boat ramp where emergency workers declared him dead about 5:55 PM. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the Coast Guard are investigating the fatal tourist injuries.

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