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Texas Giant Wasn’t the Only Recent Theme Park Accident

The tragic death of Rosy Esparza on Friday wasn’t the only Theme Park Accident in recent news.  In fact there have been a string of recent incidents across the country where rides have failed and amusement park attendees were harmed.

There was an incident at Ohio’s Cedar Point, one of the oldest amusement parks in the country, on July 19th where a log ride rolled backward and injured seven riders.  The same ride, the Shoot the Rapids water ride, experienced another accident earlier in the month, but no riders were harmed.

Cedar Point has has several other accidents over its summer run as well.  One such incident on the Snake River Falls ride occurred when the boat jumped its tracks due to a low water level.  No one was harmed in that incident either.

Cedar Rapids isn’t the only park to experience ride accidents this year either.  Six Flag itself reported 14 prior injuries on the Texan Giant between April 2008 and April 2013.  Most of these injuries consisted of concussion and muscle strain due to jostling.  Six Flags has also taken a proactive step in closing down another roller coaster, The Iron Rattler while the investigation is ongoing.

Many other theme parks and fairs experience accidents and injuries on a regular basis, but many go under or unreported.  Additionally, there are unsubstantiated accounts of “near misses” that also go unreported on, what we can only assume is, a more frequent basis.

As we mentioned yesterday, your chances of being harmed or injured while visiting a theme park is minimal, and most trips to the parks are enjoyable experiences for the entire family.  If you have been unfortunate enough to be injured while visiting a theme park, please contact us and let us review the fact of your case.

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