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Take Care When Back to School Shopping

It’s sadly true, but going back to school may be harmful to your child’s health? This year, when you’re shopping for school supplies remember that many may contain hidden hazards, especially in products containing vinyl.

High levels of toxic phthalates, banned in toys and associated with birth defects, ADHD, obesity, behavioral problems and asthma, have been discovered in almost 75% of children’s back to school supplies. In a report by the Center for Health, Environment and Justice, seemingly harmless school supplies were tested in a laboratory, revealing potentially dangerous toxins.

Products tested, including Spiderman, Dora, and Disney brand lunch boxes, rain boots, coats, backpacks, and binders were all found to have elevated levels of these toxic phthalates, causing serious concern as such use is already banned in other products.

Here are some examples of items you should avoid purchasing:

  • Disney Lunchboxes (contained 29 times the federal limit of toxins)
  • Spiderman Lunchboxes/Backpacks (contained 27 times the federal limit of toxins)
  • Fridge Green 6 Can Cooler (contained 12 times the federal limit of toxins)
  • Access Bag N Pack Lunch Bag (contained 15 times federal limit of toxins)
  • Dora the Explorer Backpack (contained 69 times the federal limit of toxins)
  • Smartfit Rainboots (contained 10 times the federal limit of toxins)

Consider purchasing alternate products containing less vinyl than the above examples.

As you shop for supplies remember to be wary of your purchases, and keep your children safe as they go back to school this season.

If you feel you or your children may have been exposed to and harmed by a dangerous product or toxic substance, please contact us and let us know the facts of your case.

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