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Takata’s Mistake has Blowup

Airbag Deployment by adam*bNews reports have listed BMW as having joined Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mazda in recalling millions of vehicles due to the discovery of dangerously defective airbags. The airbags in vehicles produced by the manufacturers have been discovered to experience presser problems during release, ultimately resulting in the airbag exploding.

The airbags were built by Takata, a leading airbag manufacturer in the world, and installed in the front passenger seats of over 3.5 million vehicle worldwide. Airbags constructed between April 2000 and September 2002 in Washington and Mexico used propellant that was defective causing improper inflation. Takata admits to discovering the flaw in construction of the airbags in October 2011.

However no previous warning the airbags posed to consumers was provided to the manufacturers of the vehicles. It appears unlikely that Takata was unaware of issues in malfunction of their airbags in 13-year-old vehicles until 2011. Honda’s recalls suggest there could be more than a single defect, which lead to the malfunction of the airbags in its most recent recall of vehicles containing Takata’s airbags.

BMW alone has recalled 1.3 million vehicles in the Hawaii and United States. The manufacturer has also recalled over 100,000 BMWs in other parts of the world due to the discovery of the defective airbags.

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