Doug / 02-25-2014 / Consumer Safety

System Sensor Recalls Reflective Beam Smoke Detectors

On January 28, 2014, System Sensor recalled about 160 reflected beam smoke detectors with the model number BEAM1224S and dates code 2111 through 3053. The detectors are ivory or black in color and the model number can e found on the printed label on the detector’s back cover and on the packaging. The recall was sparked by the discovery that the detectors can fail to send a signal to the fire alarm control panel and thus fail to alert occupants of a fire.

There have been no reported injuries from the failure of the devices; however owners of the devices that have been recalled are encouraged to contact System Sensor for a free replacement smoke detector. The company and its distributors are contacting purchasers directly in addition to replacing the device for those who call in about the recall.

2/3rds of residential fire deaths occur in homes with no operational smoke detectors and 20% of these deaths are the result of smoke detector failure of devices that were present but did not operate or sound.  10% of smoke detector failures are tied to lack of maintenance, improper placement or a defective unit.

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