Doug / 04-10-2014 / Auto Accidents

Spider Issues Force Mazda Recall

In 2011, Mazda recalled 52,000 6 sedans of 2009-2010 vintage due to Yellow Sac Spiders having gotten into the fuel tank and weaved webs in the fuel tank vent lines, which caused the tanks to crack and leak. Yet again Mazda is faced with the same issue forcing it to recall certain model year 2010-2012 Mazda6 vehicles that were manufactured between September 14, 2009 and May 2, 2011 and equipped with a 2.5L engine.  Mazda is expected to begin the recall April 2014.

The affected vehicles involved in this recall are estimated to be 42,000, due to possibility of spiders having woven webs in the evaporative canister vent hose. The blockage created by the spider webs can potentially cause the fuel tank to have excessive amounts of negative pressure, which could cause cracks in the fuel tank and leaks. These issues do pose an increased risk of a fire.

Originally in reaction to the first recalls associated with the spider webs Mazda installed a spring in the vent line to block spiders from entering and reprogramming the car’s ECU to recognize if the negative pressure inside the tank was strong enough to cause cracking. However not all cars fitted with the spring received the software upgrade , which led to 11 cases of cracked fuel tanks in the U.S., many of which did contain spider webs. This time the software upgrades will be done in addition to any required replacements to the tank and vent line.

Mazda will be notifying owners and dealers will reprogram the powertrain control module and inspect and clean the canister vent line. If webs are found to exist in the lines, both the fuel tank and canister vent line will be replaced at no additional cost to the owner of the vehicle. Owners may contact Mazda at 1-800-222-5500. The associated recall number for this particular issue is 7214C.

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