Doug / 06-06-2011 / Auto Accidents

Son of Billionaire Sued for $100 Million in Hit and Run Accident

According to Forbes, son of a Colombian billionaire has been sued for personal injury in a $100 million hit-and-run lawsuit. Andres Santo Domingo, the New-York based son of a Colombian millionaire is being sued for $100 million, and the victim of the accident suffered a foot injury. Domingo’s father is Julio Mario Santo Domingo, a Colombian beer billionaire.

Ryan Coutu, the plaintiff in the case, alleges that his foot was run over by Domingo’s Mercedes Benz while he was crossing the street at 34th Street and 3rd Avenue in Manhattan in late March. Coutu’s accident lawyer has said that the billionaire needs to be punished for his actions, and that the only way to punish a billionaire is to hit them with a big number. Coutu has said that he was also hit in the elbow by the car’s mirror and that he had to have surgery on the injured elbow. As a result of the hit and run accident, the plaintiff has a herniated disc and an undiagnosed foot injury.

Andres Santo Domingo has not responded to comments about the personal injury lawsuit. The billionaire’s son is married to Vogue contributing editor Lauren David and is frequently featured in New York’s society pages. Forbes has ranked his father as the world’s 108th richest person with a new worth of $8.4 billion, much of which came from the sale o his brewer Bavaria to SABMiller in 2005.

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