Doug / 02-25-2010 / Theme park accidents

SeaWorld Worker Killed by Whale

A 34 year-old trainer, living her dream job working with orcas, was attacked and killed yesterday by a killer whale, Tilikum, in a theme park accident  at SeaWorld.

Officials initially thought the trainer had fallen into the pool and was attacked by Tilikum.  However, consistent witness statements convinced officials that the orca actually pulled the trainer from shallow water  by her ponytail into deeper water where she drowned.

This same whale has been involved in two other deaths since 1991.  The most recent was a man who had either sneaked in, or stayed after the park closed, and was found naked floating in the killer whale’s pool.

The other death occurred at the theme park that previously owned Tilikum in Victoria, British Columbia whish has since closed.  This male and two females attacked and killed a female trainer.

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