Doug / 12-14-2010 / Personal Injury

San Bruno Gas Pipeline Explosion Lawsuits Increasing

A deadly gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno, California has left California’s Pacific Gas and Electric facing several personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits.

The explosion in September killed 8 people, injured dozens and demolished 35 homes. The coming weeks will likely see more than 30 more lawsuits filed against PG&E. One of the first lawsuits filed is seeking a class action on behalf of all the people who were impacted by the explosion, but many of the other victims and the families of people who were killed in the explosion have already filed. Also a class action is set up for when all the plaintiffs have been affected similarly by a situation. In these cases there are many different levels of damage, and injury being considered.

PG&E has set up a fund of $100 million for disaster relief. But still the individuals are making sure their legal rights are protected and their stories heard. From property damage, to personal injury, wrongful death and even emotional distress these lawsuits are all on the dockets and waiting to be heard.

Besides the claims for personal injury and damages many of the lawsuits are asking that the courts also restrict the company from rebuilding the pipeline that caused the damage. Over the past 20 years there have been more than 3,000 gas pipeline accidents caused by the aging of the infrastructure. Of those 3,000, one third of the accidents have resulted in major injuries and/or death. At this time investigators are still attempting to determine the cause of the San Bruno explosion, yet PG&E are encouraging citizens to move back in and begin rebuilding.

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