Doug / 05-11-2011 / Personal Injury

Salt Lake City Settles Personal Injury Lawsuit

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the Salt Lake School District has settled a personal injury lawsuit with a parent who claimed a teacher burned her son’s hand. Maria Gutierrez sued the school district after her son, who has cerebral palsy, suffered burn injuries to a significant portion of his left hand.

The injury occurred in April of 2010 during a class lesson. Gutierrez said a special education teacher at Meadowlark Elementary School put her son’s hand in a bowl of scalding water while teaching students the difference between hot and cold.

Gutierrez said that Erin Robinson caused her son’s injuries during class. The student is confined to a wheel chair and cannot speak. The complaint stated the boy’s injuries were on a significant portion of his left hand.

According to reports, the teacher failed to test the water to see how hot it was before placing the child’s hand in it. The teacher said she did not do it on purpose. The boy’s family called the police and tried to file criminal charges but the law enforcement saw no evidence to warrant a criminal investigation.

The mother had sued for financial damages for medical bills, pain and suffering. The school district settled the lawsuit in an out-of-court settlement for $53,491.

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