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Recent Drug and Medical Product Recalls

In the recent past we have discussed at length what goes into a product recall, and why they are issued.  The fact that serious harm can come to a consumer who purchases or makes use of a hazardous product is a major reason behind most recalls.  Faulty or incorrectly manufactured drugs and medical related products not only have the potential to cause serious harm, they are more likely than most products to lead to the death of their consumers.

It is because of this that consumers should ensure they and their care givers pay close attention to recalls issued by companies and by the FDA to any and all drug and medical product recalls as they are announced.  There have been many drug related and medical products recalls this year already, and to ensure you know what they are, we’re listing some of the major ones below.

Drug Recalls in 2013

Medical Products Recalls

This list constitutes a small example of the drug and medical related recalls that have occurred this year.  Additionally, these recalls are only the ones the FDA sends notification on.  While the FDA is in charge of ensuring notification of recalls, there are other governmental entities both nationally and locally that deal with recalls.  If you are under a physicians care, or if you are regularly taking a prescribed or over-the-counter medicine, you need to be aware that recalls can and do occur.

While most companies do their utmost to ensure their customer receive the best care and medicine, things have been and will be missed.  If you or anyone in your family has been harmed in a medical procedure due to the use of a recalled drug or medical device, call us for a free consultation on your case.

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