Doug / 07-29-2011 / Theme park accidents

Primeval Whirl Theme Ride Remains Closed Due To Worker Death Investigation

According to Orlando Parks News, Disney’s Primeval Whirl located in the infamous Disney’s Animal Kingdom will remain closed until at least September of 2011. The wild mouse coaster claimed the life of a Disney worker in March, the ride will remain closed while the investigation of the accident is ongoing. Another cast member fell on the tracks and died a few days later from a head injury. Two other cast members were injured on the same ride, but fortunately survived the accident.

Walt Disney World decided to keep the roller coaster closed throughout the busiest tourist season as federal investigators continue to probe the fatal incidents, especially that of a mechanic who was killed while working on the attraction in March. The decision to keep the roller coaster ride closed coincides with a six-month deadline facing the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration to complete its investigation into the death of Russell Roscoe, a 52-year-old mechanic who was struck by one of the attraction’s ride vehicles. Roscoe suffered a severe brain injury and died the following day.

Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts declined to say what changes they were making to the 9-year-old ride or whether or not they will make any safety adjustments.

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