Doug / 07-25-2011 / Theme park accidents

Postal Worker Claims PTSD After Big Thunder Mountain Ride

A British postal worker visiting Florida’s Walt Disney World claims he was injured while riding on Big Thunder Mountain. George Ramplin, 43, filed papers in court this week alleging that a ride on Big Thunder Mountain caused him to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, an unusual tourist injury , which led him to steal fifteen packages containing DVDs and video games. Ramplin was arrested after he stole packages over a five week time period before Christmas. When arrested, Ramplin stated that he rode Big Thunder Mountain on a family vacation in August, and it caused him to have flashbacks of a fatal accidents he witnessed as a 10-year-old. In 1978, Ramplin survived a traumatic school bus accident that took the lives of seven of his classmates and one teacher.

Ramplin’s injury attorney claimed that the rollercoaster-type ride is very fast and frightening. Ramplin was terrified after he experienced the ride and worried that there was going to be an accident and all of a sudden memories of the fatal school bus accident came flooding back. According to statements, Ramplin experienced flashbacks of the scene of the accident, dead children’s bodies, and he experienced severe weight loss. The plaintiff is currently in therapy after being diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and claims his mind was not clear when he stole the packages. Due to the stress caused by the amusement park ride, Ramplin lost his post office job and plead guilty to four counts of theft.

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