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Pedestrian Killed by Cop Car in Mount Dora

While there are entire campaigns devoted to stopping drunk driving, it bears mentioning that any operating any vehicle while under the influence is dangerous and illegal. Unfortunately, in many cases even walking under the influence can lead to tragedy.

Late Saturday night, Mount Dora police Officer Barry Strykowski struck and killed pedestrian Scott Ferguson on his way home after his usual 12-hour shift. Officer Strykowski is said to be “extremely distraught” over the incident, and has been placed on paid administrative leave until the case is closed.

Pedestrians involved in motor vehicle accidents have a high risk for serious injury. Each year, there are around 5000 pedestrian deaths and about 64,000 injuries due to motor vehicle accidents in this country. It is extremely important to be aware of your surroundings when on foot.

Later reports revealed that drugs or alcohol might have been a factor for Ferguson’s death. Allegedly, he had come close to being hit earlier in the night by a different motorist. Going anywhere while under the influence can be dangerous.

It is important to be safe at all times when drinking. Have a designated driver or even a designated walker if you are not traveling far. Also, remember to speak to an Orlando accident attorney if you find yourself in any sort accident as a pedestrian or otherwise to protect your rights.

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