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Parasailing Accident Leaves Two Teen Tourists Hospitalized

In a tragic parasailing accident Monday left two 17 year-old tourists, Sydney Good and Alexis Fairchild, from Indiana hospitalized and in critical condition.  The accident occurred when the cord holding the parasail to the tow boat snapped.  This left the sail and the attached teen girls adrift in the winds above Panama City Beach, FL.

While aloft, the teens slammed into the top of the nearby Commodore Condominium complex before hitting power lines, and then falling onto a parked SUV in a nearby parking lot.  Both teens suffered severe lacerations and head trauma, and Fairchild underwent spinal surgery earlier this week.

Lack of proper maintenance, and minimal governmental oversight of the industry are only two possible reasons that lead to this, the latest in a string of parasailing accidents over the last several years.

In a seemingly tragic twist, the Florida state legislation voted down measures that would have put more regulation in place on the parasailing and aquatic sports industries in May.  The company, Aquatic Adventures, on whose boat the Indiana teens were parasailing was one of a group of companies who opposed the possible regulations, stating they had put their own safety measures in place to reduce risks and possible injuries.

Sadly, it seems that those plans were not enough to prevent this Monday’s accident.  While both teen girls are healing, and both show signs of improvement, it is unlikely this accident will not leave emotional and physical scars that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Being injured, and catastrophically so, on a day on vacation is a horrible thing.  If you or someone you know was injured while vacationing in Florida, please contact us and let us review the facts of the case.  We can advise you about what your options are and, if you choose to use our firm, we will fight your case and get you the compensation you deserve.

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