Doug / 08-27-2009 / Nursing Home Neglect/Abuse

Orlando Seniors to Master Wii Game

As Orlando personal injury attorneys, our firm sees more  neglect and abuse of our senior citizens than we care to.  That’s why when presented with the opportunity to give back to some local senior citizens, we jumped at the chance.

As a member of the Injury Board plaintiffs’ attorney association, we participated in their national Wii giveaway.  The Wii game was chosen because of its proven benefits in rehabilitation and low impact exercise tool.  The gaming system provides live motion, fun, less painful exercise which is well-suited for seniors.

The recipient of our Wii game was the Share the Care adult day care facility in downtown Orlando.  Share the Care is a local non-profit that provides centers for seniors a place to go during the day if they are unable to stay home and care for themselves.  But it much more than just day care.  With assistance from the staff, they play games that exercise the mind and have fun while doing it.  The Wii game will add moderate exercise to their daily regimen.

Some of our staff had cake and tea with the clients while we waited for the game to be installed.  The first game the seniors tackled was Wii bowling.   Several of them took a turn at knocking down the pins and we all cheered.  There was no question when we left there that we had made the right choice.  We just know they’re going to have great fun with it.

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