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NY Suspends Doctor’s License After More Than 40 Malpractice Lawsuits

The state of New York revoked the medical license of a cosmetic surgeon on Staten Island recently, according to Dr. Robert Cattani is no longer permitted to practice in the state, or any others for the time being. Dr. Cattani left many patients disfigured and scarred and sometimes in chronic pain. The state Department of Health called him “an imminent danger to the health of the people of the state.”

His website pictured patients with flawless skin and bodies, and he even had a swanky office at Castleton Corners. Many patients feel they were mislead and are now outraged. After more than 40 medical malpractice lawsuits, Dr. Cattani may never again practice.

“I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in three years;” said Marilyn Franklin, who underwent plastic surgery from Dr. Cattani in 2009 for a neck lift. “Every night I wake up with shooting pain…I went in to have my turkey neck done and came back the bride of Frankenstein.”

When Franklin went to another physician to seek treatment following the botched operation, the nurse recognized Dr. Cattani’s handiwork instantly.

“She guessed it on the spot it was him. She said ‘I can’t tell you how many patients we are aware of who were scarred and maimed.’ How did that doctor still have a license?”

The list of horrendous allegations against Dr. Cattani is seemingly endless. In 2010, according to records, he refused to transport a liposuction patient to the hospital even as he went into kidney failure. He refused to let EMS treat the patient as well. He has refused to respond to complaints from many other patients following their operation.

Hopefully this monster will never receive another license to practice medicine anywhere. Have you or a loved one been injured by a careless physician?

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