Doug / 03-18-2009 / Airplane Accidents

NTSB Focuses on Fatigue-Related Accidents

In conjunction with National Sleep Awareness Week last week, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has once again issued its commitment to improving highway safety by eliminating fatigue-related auto, truck, bus and airline accidents.

According to NTSB Board Member Deborah Hersman,

“Fatigue in transportation presents unnecessary risks to the traveling public. Fatigue can impair a person behind the wheel or at the helm much like alcohol or other drugs. We must ensure that as much as possible is being done to protect our transportation system from the insidious effect of human fatigue.”

For a long time now the NTSB has included fatigue and hours-of-service on their Most Wanted List of highway safety improvements.  It is the intent of the Board to continue to work with all members of the transportation industry to study the effects of fatigue, rest requirements and driver alertness to prevent future injuries and death.

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